Ch Little Ponds George
Sire: Ch. K's Note-A-Bul Arizona
Dam: Ch. Little Ponds Dolly

Ch. K's Note-A-Bul Arizona
Ch. Silverspoons Nothing Personal
Ch Adamant Warlock
Silverspoon's Born Into Lace
Ch. K's Note-A-Bul Joyeux Noel
Ch. K's Note-A-Bul Hummer
K's Note-A-Bul Ethyl Merman
Ch. Little Ponds Dolly
Ch. Cherokee Legend Pretty Boy
Ch. Legacy's Cajun Zeus
Cherokee Legend Beatrice
Ch. Helfyre Little Ponds Promise
Ch. Little Ponds Chief
Ch. Helfyre-Lebo's Grace Poupon

Health Testing Completed

Heart O.F.A #BU-CA602/12M/C-PI-ECHO

HUU Normal

Congratulations to George's Champion Get!
1.   Ch. Crosscity's All Jacked Up
2.   GCh. Exact Classic Chantilly Lace
3.   Ch. Little Ponds Wind Dancer
4.   Ch. Cross City's Way Down South
5.   GCh. Slaterpryces In the Rough
6.   Ch. Slaterpryce's Jiffy
7.   Ch. Mousers Maid in America
8.   GCh.  Exact Classics Laguna Canello
9.   Ch.  CrossCity's Vanilla Latte
10. Ch. Cazett's Lucky Penny
11. Ch.  Exact Classic Maverick
12. Ch. Mousers Blazing Star
13. Ch. Little Ponds Magic Mike
14. Ch Gridiron Kosmic Mira Tropic
15. Ch Dash's Preacher In It To Win It Mouser
16. Ch Mousers Wolfgang Puck
17. Ch. Cazett's Lightning Percy
18. Ch. Cash's Leave No Doubt
19. Ch. Royal Crown's Strick-ly Texas Queen
20. Ch. Classay Major League HGM In God We Trust
21. Ch.  Mousers Country Girl
22. Ch. Frontier My Toys Wind Talker
23. Ch. Shinning Star Dianors El Mariachi
24. Ch. DV's Surnuf Sura
25. Ch. Ultimate Gunther

26. Ch.Sunray's Ivy League Hey There Georgie Girl CGC, NJP
27. Ch. Sunray's Dimepiece Sabrina
28. Ch. C-R Milk and Honey Spears
29. Ch. Frontiers My Toys Lady Pink Magic
30. Ch. Imperious Hamitup A Penny for your thoughts
31. Ch. C-R I'm all that and a bag of chips ci ci spears
32. Ch. NewcombsWelcome Aboard Jake
33. Ch. CMT's you'll wish it was a mirage intimidator
34. Ch. D'Toledo Vigilante Crusader
35. Ch. Only Hot and Spicy Queso
36. Ch. Fults Scott's Big Mack
37. Ch. Imperious Hamitup She's A Heartbreaker
38. Ch. Brumars The Step In My Groove
39. Ch. Brumars Sureshot This One's For You
40. Ch. By-Bulls Cherished of Bull-Lane
41. GCH. C-R Only Zola Zulu
42. Ch. Agapes Lover Boy @ Lone Hawk
43. Ch. D'Toledo "Lucky Boy" LB
44. Ch. Surf City's Babbys Rumor Has It
45. Ch Newcomb's Spike
46. Ch. D'Vista Bullhaven Impressive Presley
47. CH Agapes Son Of Liberty
48. CH Glendars Guardian of The Galaxy
49. CH Valiant Fiona