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1       Ch. Little Ponds Lemon Breeze
2       Ch. ABC's Fast Eddie
3       Ch. Mouser's Apache of Little Pond
4       Ch. Little Ponds Seminole Wind
5       Ch. Rantom Di Toro Keshi Pearl
6       Ch. Little Ponds Amulet
7       Ch. Silverspoon's The Full Monty
8       Ch. Cherokee Post Hoc Dynamite
9       Ch. Savannah Make A Decision
10      Ch. Savannah Magic Decision
11      Ch. Manorborn's Stalwart Warrior
12      Ch. Helfyre Little Pond's Promise
13      Ch. Simca's Frosty Margarita
14      Ch. Cherokee Legend Donna
15      Ch. Little Ponds Foundation
16      Ch. Powerbull's Bullymullen Rose
17      Ch. Rantom Di Toro Bianca
18      Ch. Cherokee Mouser's Constance
19      Ch. Cherokee Post Hoc Hannibal
20      Ch. Elroston Satue of Liberty Bell
21      Ch. Glendars She's A Beauty
22      Ch. Resolute Sonrise Polaris
23      Ch. T-Town Boris' Gorgeous Gustav
24      Ch. Manorborn's Sally Royale
25      Ch. Resolute Sonrise Paladin
26      Ch. Mossrose Rose Cristata
27      Ch. Dreamweaver Footprint On My
28      Ch. Black's Day Dreamin' Boy
29      Ch. Black's Carlos Santana
30      Ch. Helfrye Green Mountain
31      Ch. Sochabull's Nifty Fifty
32     Ch. Simca's Christmas Angel
33     Ch. Indian Creek's Keintpoos
34     Ch. Sochabull's Coquina Moccosin
35     Ch. Black's Sweet City Woman
36     Ch. Sochabull's Jenny Walker
37     Ch. Cherokee Legend Cheyenne
38     Ch. Loch Lomand Knight's Ransom
39     Ch. Rocket City's Angel Among Us
40     Ch. Little Ponds Sochabull Annie
41     Ch. Sonrise Red Maple Starlite
42     Ch. Glendars American Beauty
43     Ch. Little Ponds Sochabull Sue
44     Ch. Di Toro's Showbiz Kander And Ebb
45     Ch. Tenured's Barat St. of Bulldog
46     Ch. Di Toro's His Majesty Klondike
47     Ch. Beulahland's Cry Freedom
48     Ch. Acme's Thelma Lou
49     Ch. Glendars Diamond Rio
50     Ch. Cherokee Keasance Forest
51     Ch. Acme's Gomer Dude
52     Ch. Dell's Dreamkeeper
53     Ch. Cherokee Post Hoc Hannah
54     Ch. Phenix's Fire Chief
55     Ch. Major League Majic Moment
56     Ch. Acme's Ernest T.
57     Ch. Indian Creek's Geronimo
58     Ch. Dy-Gro's Ruby Red Porsche
59     Ch. Acme's Dangerous Daphne
60     Ch. Adam of Bannockburn
61     Ch. Black's Believe In Magic
62    Ch. Helfyre's Warmvalley Sixspence
63     Ch. Phenix's Fatal Beauty 
64      Ch. Truman ST. Of Bulldog Univ 
65      Ch. Glendars Dixie Chick
66      Ch. Newcombs Commander In Chief
67      Ch. Dell's Walking Thunder
68      Ch. Chefs Hot Wasabi
69      Ch. Hardrocks Manorborn Magic
70      Ch. Dakota Arrogant Elvis
71      Ch. Chefs Konnichiwa
72      Ch. Dells Wind Spirit
73      Ch. Black's Dreamboat Annie
74      Ch. Mossrose Marie De Biois
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75      Ch. Di Toro Little Ponds Lola
76      Ch. Phenix's Lil' Annie Oakley
77      Ch. Manorborn's Good Fortune
78      Ch. Greatrock's Manorborn Money
79      Ch. Madrone Canyons Butch
80      Ch. Glendars Spice Girl
81      Ch. Lindsey's Magoo U Dunit Again
82      Ch. Acme's Mad Eye Moody
83      Ch. Mossrose Bratty Britches
84      Ch. Loch Lomond Rooster
85      Ch. Kelley's Jack Sprat
86      Ch. Powerbull's Paddy Murphy II
87      Ch. Little Ponds Genesis
88      Ch. Sandy Ridge Chief Seminole
89      Ch. Major League Silver Tab
90      Ch. Jack-Pott Pit Boss
91      Ch. Chaparra And Dv's She Bangs!
92      Ch. Picabully's Friar Tuck
93      Ch. Mordecai Rough Rider
94      Ch. Quidnunc's Mighty Teufel
95      Ch. Warmvalley Pocahontas
96      Ch. Acme's Sierra Jackpot
97      Ch. Cherokee Legend Abilene
98      Ch. Newcomb's Hail To The Chief
99      Ch. Saltidawg's Duneangus Knight
100     Ch. Prichard's Goliath Spot
101     Ch. Omega's Sioux Sun
102     Ch. Manorborn's Excalibur
103     Ch. K's Note-A-Bul White Sportcoat
104     Ch. Cali's Diamond Slipper
105     Ch. Acme's Viola
106     Ch. K's Note-A-Bul Cecelia
107     Ch. Mouser's Fiona
108     Ch. Mossrose Blanchefleur
109     Ch. Sandy Ridge Chief Ro Jo
110     Ch. Andrew's Cooper
111     Ch. Omega's Wanna Talk About Me
112     Ch. Mossrose Buff Beauty
113     Ch. Note A Bulls Red Rodne
114     Ch. Mouser's Bubbling Brook
115     Ch. Powerbulls Molly Malone
116     Ch. Black's Punk Jazz Jocko
117     Ch. Note A Bulls Nica's Dream
118     Ch. Omegas Ton O'Briggs
119     Ch. Hardrocks Manorborn Romeo
120     Ch. K-Sands Bodacious Bully
121     Ch. Powerbulls S. Harrigan
122     Ch. Note A Bulls Viva Las Vegas
123     Ch. Omega's Cruz'n For A Bruz'n
124     Ch. Mousers Lucy Lou
125     Ch. Phenix's Chief of Staff  
126     Ch. Adamant Taliesin
127     Ch. Milam's Wild Wild West
128     Ch. Glendars Forever Diamondz
129.    Ch. Heavensent Holy Smoke
130.    Ch. Glendars Forever Diamondz
131.    Ch. Graybulls Absolute Angel
132.    Ch. River City's Jackpot of Glendar
133.    Ch. Morgan State of Bulldog Univ
134.    Ch. Majestic's Layla
135.    Ch. Phenix's Cosmopolitan
136.    Ch.  Majestics Frozen Asset
137.    Ch.  Graybull's Absolute Elegance
138.    Ch.  Red Dog's Unica
139.    Ch.  Bubbys Only Remember Me Alamo
140.    Ch. Glendar's All in the Family
141.    Ch.  Majestic's Rudy Valentino
142.    Ch. Onahill Lexi Andrew
143.    GCh Little Ponds Northern Star
144.    Ch. Andrew Onahill Kandu
145.    Ch. Low Riders Little Pond Indian Outlaw
146.    Ch. Little Ponds Masked Beauty Of Mouser
147.    Ch. Low Riders Little Ponds Dust on the Bottle
148.    Ch. Little Ponds Firebird of Mouser
149.    Ch. Imperious Hamit Up Avalanche
150.    Ch.Little Ponds Low Rider Dream Weaver

BISS Ch. Little Pond's Chief
(Ch. Cherokee Legend Garth X BISS Ch. Little Pond's Splash)

Beckett Award Winner 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004
BCA Hall of Fame Producer
150 Champions to date
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